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White Label

If you are an authorized reseller of our services, and you have your own domain, you can style the platform with your logos and select a different default color scheme for your customers.
Later on, Customers may select a different color combination, but they are going to see your logos at the login and on top of the left navigation bar. The customization screen allows you to set up all of the necessary logos to overwrite our brand's presence across the platform.

Whitelabel Screen

You can download a sample file with all the recommended sizes here:

Click to Download PSD file

Essential Images

If you have set up a specific domain for your platform and you are going to register Customers with an OVP feature, you will need to add the necessary images:

Recommended size: 820 x 300 px - this logo appears on your login screen.


Recommended size: 256 x 256 px - this image appears as an identifier next to the site name on the browser tab.


Recommended size: 1920 x 1080 px - this is the image that appears as a background for your customers if they hadn't configured any image for their accounts. The order for event images is the following: The event image The Customer Fallback Image The Reseller Fallback Image (this is the image that you upload)

  • Expanded: Recommended size: 356 x 56 px. This logo appears on top of the left navigation bar.
  • Collapsed: Recommended size: 56 x 56 px. This logo appears on top of the left navigation bar in a collapsed state.

Select default mode

The next customizable part of the screen is the selection of the default value for Light or Dark Mode.

It is OK to use transparent background in your images, but be careful with the colors and how they are seen in light and dark modes.

Multi-CDN DNS Namespace

Vhosts are provisioned with a default delivery domain based on vhost name and DNS namespace. Content can be delivered through the default delivery domain, or by pointing a custom domain to the final CNAME.

Vhost name Namespace CNAME & default delivery domain

We require our nameservers to be used for automatic DNS and loadbalancer provisioning. Let us know what DNS namespace you would like to use and we will share the nameservers with you.

Last update: 2023-02-06