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Self-hosted Grafana integration with Edge Analytics


  • Grafana OSS 9.x.x
  • Docker 20.10+ (linux)
  • Docker Compose 2.x (linux)


We have supplied a Docker Compose file that simplifies the installation and configuration of Grafana, along with all the necessary dependencies. If you are interested in delving into the intricacies of what happens behind the scenes, you can refer to the manual installation.

Getting Grafana up and running (Linux only)

  1. Download or clone
  2. Gather the necessary files:
    • The docker-compose file.
    • The provisioning folder.
  3. Create an .env file.

    • The .env file should contain your Analytics API token (Available on System73 Portal):

  4. On a terminal opened in the same directory where you downloaded the docker-compose.yaml, the provisioning folder and .env file, you can simply type:

    docker compose up -d grafana
  5. Go to the browser and open the page http://localhost:3000. On the login page enter the default admin credentials User: admin, Password: admin

  6. For increased security Grafana prompts for setting a new admin password, please do so or skip it.
  7. Once you are logged in, you can go to http://localhost:3000/dashboards and select your dashboard.


    To get the benefits from the Advanced Dashboard you need to have an Edge Analytics account with the Advanced Tier enabled.

  8. After that you just need to select the correct region and the Edge Intelligence Id that you have been assigned. Edge Analytics customer id

  9. Success! Edge Analytics dashboard


If you have any feedback or suggestions, we welcome your input!

Please open an issue using the GitHub Issues feature to share your thoughts and help us enhance the user experience.

This section was last updated 2024-02-01