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Edge Delivery

Edge delivery is a turn-key Multi-CDN that provides a high available / redundant solution for content delivery. Edge delivery transparently combines the strongest points of multiple CDN’s into a single network. The full network can easily be controlled through our web portal or API. Our solution monitors network health and performance for routing end-users to the best performing CDN at that given point in time.


When you go to the Analytics screen, you see three main sections with different information. The vhost table is sorted by the amount of traffic. The default date range is set to Month-To-Date period (pre-selected the first day of the current month and yesterday's date). You can change the dates for the period you desire.

Edge Delivery analytics


Virtual hosts are containers that have one or more CDN providers that are similarily configured and are accessible through a delivery domain.

Once you enter in the service's screen, you can see a list of all of your created vhosts.

vhost table