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Edge Delivery


Assets are retained on the CDN network based on access frequency (LRU) in combination with cache TTL which is automatically inherited from the Cache-Control max-age directive. Sometimes you want to force the expiry of an asset in cache because you are serving new content or made an error.

The purge feature removes your specified files from all the CDN caches used for your vhost

Be aware that when a file is removed from the CDN caches, the file will be pulled from the origin until the cache is filled on all CDN providers.

Purge completion times

Each CDN has a different completion time for a purge. The time for a purge to be completed can take from five minutes up to one hour.

Purge workaround

In case you have querystring caching enabled, a solution for always serving the right files is by including a version or 'publish date' in the querystring. When you publish a newer version of your content, you change the querystring.


Path for version 1: /index.m3u8?version=1
Path for version 2: /index.m3u8?version=2

Purge CDN Dialogue

Use the purge dialog for single or bulk file purging.

You can open it by clicking on the PURGE button to the upper right corner of the screen.

Purge Dialogue

You need to specify the exact URL to the file(s) you want to purge. You are allowed to mix domain names from other vhosts in the same purge command.


Wildcard symbols such as an asterisk are not allowed.

Remember: One request per line.

Purge Action

This function clears all the cached content for a given VHOST. You can find it in the table menu of Actions.

Purge Action

Mind the purge

All of the traffic will be redirected to the origin. Make sure you don't let down your viewers.

Last update: 2023-02-06