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Edge Delivery


The validator is a tool that allows us to visualise in a clear and simple way how our VHOST behaves in the different regions, if our CDN's are working or not and to see their distribution in a graphical way.

You can open it by clicking on the Validate button to the upper of the screen, next to the Purge button.

Vhost Validate

or you can also open it directly from the menu of the VHOST you want to validate.

Vhost Validate 2

Once the validator has been opened, the following window will appear. This window shows us the vhost that we are validating, its Alias (if it has one), the type of request (GET, HEAD, POST, OPTIONS), the Monitor Path and a map with the regions where it can be validated. The Alias and the Monitor Path fields are not required.

We can also see that it allows us to make two actions, CURL CALLS and VALIDATE

Vhost Validate Dialog

Curl Calls

When you click on the CURL CALLS button yo can find the next window

Vhost Curl Call Dialog

Here you can find listed each and every CDN, including active and non-active CDN's. You can also find on the right side of each field the option to copy the CURL.


Have a different type of request (GET, HEAD, POST, OPTIONS) select one and next click on VALIDATE button. This launches a request in each of the regions shown on the map.

Vhost Validate Action

This will shown us how is the state of each region with an colour system described below.

The GREEN shows that there is no a problem with the CDN in that region.

System Color Green

The ORANGE shows that there is a problem in at least one of the CDN in that region.

System Color Orange

The RED shows that there is problem with the CDN in that region.

System Color Red

The GREY shows that validation has not been passed on that region.

System Color Grey

You could use the filter field to filter the headers of the table.

Vhost Validate Action Filter

Last update: 2023-02-06