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Edge Delivery

This data is given as reference and may differ from billing data. Mid-gress traffic is included in this data whenever applicable.


When you go to the Analytics screen, you see three main zones with different information. The vhost table is sorted by the amount of traffic for the available vhosts. The default date range is set to Month-To-Date period (pre-selected the first day of the current month and yesterday's date). You can change the dates for the period you desire.

Edge Delivery analytics

The whole screen is separated in three main parts:

  1. Totals, Vhost table, and Date range selector
  2. Traffic & DNS Decisions, Requests & Hit Ratio, Traffic per CDN, and HTTP Status Codes Charts
  3. World Map

Totals and Date Range

On the top left side, you can see the total traffic for all of your vhosts combined for Month-To-Date Period.

Edge Delivery totals and date range

The Vhost table is sorted by the total amount of traffic in descending order.


By default, you see two charts per row in Full HD resolutions (and bigger than that), and you can expand to 100% width all of the charts for more detailed view.

Edge Delivery analytics csv

Generate Chart Reports

You can download a static image in JPG or PNG formats of the current chart. You can also export a simple CSV report of all the included data.

You can locate this button on the top right corner of every chart. When you click on it, a list of three options opens up. Choose the one you prefer.

  • Download PNG image
  • Download JPEG image
  • Download CSV

Edge Delivery analytics csv


The information we see on this map is the number of Requests and the Data Traffic Volume by Country. To the right, you can see a list of all of the available vhosts, ordered by the amount of traffic. The vhost that is selected by default is the one with the highest amount of traffic. You can always change it with another one at any moment.

Edge Delivery Map


zoom to fit map

You have two options to zoom in and out, using:

  • the scroll of your mouse (touchpad or similar)

  • the '+' & '-' buttons in the lower-left corner of the map.

If you want to go back to fit the whole map in the window, you can click over the top right button - Zoom to fit.

HTTP Status Codes Chart

Edge Delivery Status Codes

This is the official list of Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) response status codes. The status codes are issued by a server in response to a received client's request. They are separated in five categories where the first digit defines the category and the following two have no categorization role. Here we offer a simple reading list of all of the official status codes and their meaning.

  • 1xx Informational response
  • 2xx Successful
  • 3xx Redirection
  • 4xx Client Error
  • 5xx Server Error

More details here on HTTP Status codes-->

Last update: 2023-02-06