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API Tokens


The platform provides the API Tokens to be able to show the data on the new Analytics section. You need an API Token to communicate and security the platform with the Analytics Back-end.

Every platform entity must have al least one API token. By default, an API Token is created automatically when you create a new entity. If your entity haven't got an API Token, you always can a new API Token. In the following sections, you can learn how do it.

You should know that every platform entity (Resellers or Customers) has a Analytics data tier related on the data that you can watch in the Analytics section. The Edge Service Platform aka ESP has two differents data tiers. Depending on your Analytics data tier, you have access to differents metrics. With an Analytics data tier higher you will watch more metrics.

  1. Lite - Provides a basic set of charts from the Edge Analytics
  2. Advanced - Access an extensive set of charts from the Edge Analytics

By default, all the entities in ESP have the Lite tier, if you wish to have a higher tier, please contact with support. The Analytics data tier of every entity is specified in the creation process and can be edited in the Edit form after the creation. As a Reseller, you only can set the higher tier specified for your entity. You never could specify for your customers an Advanced tier if you only have a Lite tier.

Data tier selecction

List the API Tokens

The first of the availables options are list all the API Tokens associated into your entity. You must navigate until the Settings section under the Edge Intelligence menu.

List API Token

Create a new API Token

To create a new API Token you must click on the New button on the toolbar and the Create form will be shown. You only must write the name of the API Token, the rest of the fields will be autofilled automatically.

Create API Token

Edit an API Token

To edit an API Token you must click on the More Action button and then click on Edit button, after that the Edit form will be shown.

Edit API Token

You will be able to change the name, expiration date or status of the API Token.

Remove an API Token

To remove an API Token you must click the More Action button and then click on Remove button, after that a confirmation dialog will be shown to confirm the action.

Watch an API Token

To watch an API Token you must click the Eye button, after that, a dialog will be shown with the API Token. Also, you have the option to copy the API Token on the clipboard.

Edit API Token

Copy an API Token

To copy an API Token you must click the More Action button and then click on Copy button, after that the API Token will be copied on the clipboard.


API Tokens and Data tier are related, so depending on your data tier, you could create a maximum number of API Tokens. The number of API Tokens by Data Tier is the following:

  • Lite: 1 API Token.
  • Advanced: 5 API Tokens.

If you need more API Tokens or a change of Data Tier, please, contact your account manager.

Last update: 2023-02-07