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Edge Intelligence

This data is given as reference and may differ from billing data. Mid-gress traffic is included in this data whenever applicable.


If you use our solution for reducing network routing congestion, you will receive graphically displayed information of your content distribution. All of this data can help you plan and optimize the content for your specific needs.

The displayed information is organized in two main sections:

  1. Time span data
    • Totals - a summary for all of your channels, AVG. AUDIENCE, OFFLOAD, and P2P DATA
    • Channels - a selectable list of all of your Channels and Streams, showing detailed chart information for each stream, which can also be shown by bitrate
  2. Realtime Data
    • World Map - realtime P2P connections for all of your stream

Edge Intelligence complete Analytics screen


Select Time span

Edge Intelligence select timeframe

You can select to view the data from the predefined time spans seen on the image. Realtime section is representing data with more details.

  • LAST 10 MIN shows one data point for each 5 seconds on the charts.
  • LAST 1 HOUR shows one data point for each 30 seconds on the charts.

The SUMMARY section is representing one data point per hour in all of its values.

This Time span selector affects both sections: Totals and Channel.


Edge Intelligence  Totals


Global average of plays for all of your channels.


Global percentage of savings by transmitting data over our Edge Intelligence solution.


Global amount of data transferred over our Edge Intelligence solution.


It is a list of streams with their Channel IDs and specific related data, such as Total Viewing Time, Offload, and P2P Data.

When a stream is selected all of the charts below are showing its specific data for the time span selected above.

Edge Intelligence Totals


  • AUDIENCE - Total Plays
  • P2P DATA - All of the data transferred over our Edge Intelligence solution
  • OFFLOAD - Percentage of savings by transmitting data over our Edge Intelligence solution
  • BROWSERS - Number of sessions by browser
  • OPERATING SYSTEMS - Number of sessions by the operating system
  • CONNECTION TYPE - Number of sessions by device and internet access
  • AVERAGE BUFFER HEALTH - The average playback time available in the viewer’s player buffer coming from CDN or P2P
  • AVERAGE BUFFER FILLING RATIO - It is the rate of receiving content from the origin (CDN) and/or our Edge Intelligence solution (p2p) in relation to the video bitrate. E.g. a value of 2.0x means that the content is received at a rate 2 times the bitrate of the video.
  • REBUFFERING RATIO - It is the ratio between the time the players spend buffering and the actual playback time
  • SESSIONS - Number of connections identified as P2P, CDN or Not Compatible

Select Bitrates

Edge Intelligence select bitartes

By default, you are viewing a summary for all the bitrates for the stream (OVERALL).

You can select a specific bitrate from the list.

Expand all Charts

You can expand all of the charts to full screen and see one chart per line for more detailed view on the data.

Expand All Charts


World Map

WorldMap P2P Traffic

When you first open the Edge Intelligence Analytics screen, the world map appears at the bottom. You can drag and drop it above the other section.

Since this map shows real time data, it is set to AUTO REFRESH every 5 seconds. If you want to take a more detailed view on a particular p2p tree, you can do it by disabling the autorefresh and navigating to a node that has 'children'. Every number of nodes that you see on the screen is a group of nodes, that are grouped by geo-location.

Parent nodes

Parent nodes appear 20% darker than simple nodes. If there are children nodes as a part of a group the whole group appears 20% darker, and in the select to the right you can identify which node has children by locating a special icon.

Edge Intelligence Nodes-Left

Edge Intelligence grouped Parent Nodes

P2P Tree example

WorldMap P2P Traffic