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There are 4 different types of advertisements that can be added to a Customer site in our Onine Video Platform.

  1. ADNET7
  2. IFRAME - Playlist [DEPRECATED]
  3. IFRAME Featured Content
  4. SPOTX

Empty ADS Screen

First you need to add the desired type of advertisement that you want to include to your website, and then add it to your template (excluding SPOTX - it works in the player).

You can add a new ads provider by clicking on the PLUS BUTTON to the right of the table.


You need to have your SLOT & CLIENT codes for your Adnet7 account.

Add as a provider

Go to HOME --> Site Settings --> Ads

OVP add adnet7

Add row

Go to HOME --> Site Settings --> Templates --> HOME

Add a new row, the default type is already set to Advertisement, and then you can select a preferred alignment (left, Center, Right).

Advertisement row

Those are specific campaigns that can be copied as row elements to your website.

You need to set up the width and height of the element and it will appear in the video rows that are added to your home page as the last element in the row.

Add as a Provider

iframe featured content

Add to your template

Go to HOME --> Site Settings --> Templates --> HOME

Iframe Featured Content



To add SPOTX as an advertisements provider click on the big plus button and have your Channel number at hand. Follow the steps of the animation below.

OVP add spotx

Once everything is configured, when you visit your customer site you will be able to see a SPOTX video pre-roll:

Spotx Ad

Last update: 2023-02-06