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Linear streams

Linear streams are lists of videos that will start playing from a set up "Start time" and will repeat over and over again until the set up "End time" comes. Linear playlists contain videos on demand, and a live transmission can interrupt them whenever there is a live event.

Create a LINEAR

When you enter for the very first time in the page, even before uploading your first video on demand you see the following message:

Linear Empty Screen

When you have already uploaded videos in your library the screen starts looking more familiar.

Linear Empty Screen

You can either click on the highlighted link "CREATE" or the "+" icon.

Then a full screen prompt opens up with all the settings:

Create A Linear


In the left container you have all the general properties for your content, such as:

  • Title
  • Thumbnail
  • Category
  • Tags
  • Description

Stream Services

Edge Delivery

  • Enabled - there is a specific vhost created to serve your video on demand content and will be used in this specific linear playlist.

  • Disabled - there is no specific vhost created for serving videos on demand.

Edge Intelligence

  • ON - Edge Intelligence service is enabled for this specific linear playlist. You can enable or disable it yourself for each one of your linear playlists.

  • OFF - Edge Intelligence service is disabled for this specific linear playlist.

Properties & Schedule

Set up the Start Date and Time & End Time and Date.

The Playlist

Here is how to set up the video playlist:

The easiest way to locate your videos is by searching them as shown in the animation:

Create Linear step 3

Linear detail view

You can see a detailed view of your linear channel by clicking on the image, or the table row, on your general view of linear playlsists.

Linear Detail view

There you can get details on the playlist and preview the contents, if the channel is in PUBLISHED state. In this view you can hide the playlist. Be aware that you need to change the schedule times for the channel to be published again if you have hidden it.

Where to view it?

You can view the created linear stream in your website.

Linear Home Page

You can also get the embed code and embed it in any other platform that you desire.

Linear Embed code

This prompt will open with the necessary information that you need to copy.

Embeddable LINEAR code snippet

You can select how your embedded linear stream starts, out of these two options:

  1. Autoplay
  2. Mute

Note that you cannot expect your video to be on autoplay with the sound on, because this option is restricted by all browsers.

Last update: 2023-02-06