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Create a LIVE Event

Live Empty Screen You can either click on the highlighted link "CREATE" or the "+" icon.

Live Home Page


In the left container you have all the general properties for your content, such as:

  • Title
  • Thumbnail
  • Category
  • Tags
  • Description

Stream Services

Edge Delivery

  • Enabled - there is a specific vhost created to serve LIVE content and will be used in this specific event.

  • Disabled - there is no specific vhost created for serving LIVE.

Edge Intelligence

  • ON - Edge Intelligence service is enabled for this specific LIVE. You can enable or disable it yourself for each one of your LIVE events separately.

  • OFF - Edge Intelligence service is disabled for this specific LIVE.

Properties & Schedule

Set up the Start Date and Time & End Time and Date.

  • ON AIR switch
    • ON - the stream is available on your site or embedded player.
    • OFF - the stream is visible only in the preview screen, your viewers are not able to reproduce it.
  • ADD TO ARCHIVE - when this switch is ON, there will be a video on demand generated after this specific event finishes. In the same Category as your LIVE event.

  • DVR - you can specify a number of seconds that your viewers can roll back the live event.


The default video format of your live streams is HLS, and you can select what bitrates you want to support for it specifically.

Run a LIVE event

After scheduling your live event, you need to configure your streaming software to send the content to your Online Video Platform infrastructure.

You can find the required information in the detailed view of your live channel. The preview window is accessed by clicking on the live thumbnail image (in grid view), or on the row (in table view).

Live detail view

In this view you can see the schedule of the event, and the Bitrate presets configured to be run. Be aware that channel presets can't be changed while the channel is in RUNNING state.

Channel status

  • IDLE - When your LIVE event is out of schedule it will show an IDLE status.
  • STARTING - Around 5 minutes before your event is scheduled, the live channel will start running.
  • RUNNING - Once the channel starts and shows RUNNING status, you can start streaming to it.
  • STOPPING - When the event reaches the End Time, the live channel will start stopping until it reaches IDLE status again.

In the embedded player in the detailed view you can see the output of your channel, even if it is not published in your site.


  • Bitrate Presets - You can setup several bitrate presets for your live events
  • Event Schedule - You need to setup the Start date & time, and End date & time.

Keep in mind that it is a live event and something can go wrong, so there is a STOP button that immediately terminates the live broadcast. The channel changes its status up to 3 minutes later. To start it again, you will need to edit the event again.

Broadcast & INPUT URLS

You can find those settings at the bottom left of the popup window.

  • INPUT URLS - you will need those links for the streaming software. Server (RTMP endpoint) and Server key are required to configure the streaming software.
  • ON AIR - switch allows you to decide when to publish your live stream. If a stream has the ON AIR switch OFF - it will not be visible on your website &/or embedded player. Changing the ON AIR switch will send the signal to your viewers and start playing the live stream.


NOTE that while your live channels are running you may be incurring in infrastructure costs, even if you are not sending content to it.

Where to view it?

You can view all of your created live events in a defined tab "LIVE" in your website.

Live Home Page

You can also get the embed code and embed it any other platform you desire.

Live Embed code

This prompt will open with the necessary information that you need to copy.

Live Embed prompt

You can select how your embedded live starts, out of these two options:

  1. Autoplay
  2. Mute


You cannot expect your video to be on autoplay with the sound on, because this option is restricted by all browsers.

Last update: 2023-02-06