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Video on Demand

Create a VOD (video on demand)

The first time you open your OVP you will see all types of content empty, inviting you to create your first type of content with the following message:

Content library is empty

To create your first content you can either click on the "+" button or the highlighted "CREATE" link. Then a full screen prompt opens up and lets you start adding details about your video.

Video creation step one


In the left container you have all the general properties for your content, such as:

  • Title
  • Thumbnail
  • Category
  • Tags
  • Description

Stream Services

Edge Delivery

  • Enabled - there is a specific vhost created to serve VOD content and will be used to serve your videos on demand.

  • Disabled - there is no specific vhost created for serving VOD.

Properties & Schedule

You can Set up a Publication Date to change the automatic order for the video gallery on your Customer Site.

The next step is to select and upload the specific video from your computer.

The last step is to select to which bitrates you want to transcode your video. (This may imply higher price of the service.)

Video action menu

You can access all actions menu clicking over this button:

You can publish and hide your video asset, clicking over this button:


  1. Publish / Hide video.
  2. View Details is detailed preview screen where you can see the video preview without going to the website.
  3. Edit Details - once the video is created, the only you can edit the video title, description, featured image, and change its category
  4. Embed URL - if you need to embed the video in a different website you can copy the necessary code here
  5. Copy Output URL - this url is the transcoded video manifest
  6. View in website - you can preview the video in your automatically generated website
  7. Download mp4 - you can download the uploaded video from this option. If the video is recorded LIVE event, this option is not available.
  8. Delete video - delete permanently your video asset. This step cannot be undone.

Video detail view

You can get a detailed view of your video by clicking on the thumbnail image if you are in the grid view, or in the video row in the table view:

VOD detail view

How to get the Embed code?

You can use a VOD asset and embed it in another web page using the provided iframe snippet. To access this snippet use the link option in the specified video and select Embed URL

VOD Embed menu

This prompt will open with the necessary information that you need to copy.

Embeddable VOD code snippet

You can select how your embedded video starts, one of these two options:

  1. Autoplay
  2. Mute


You cannot expect your video to be on autoplay with the sound on, because this option is restricted by all browsers.

Enable embeddable player on your customer site

You can decide whether you want your embeddable player to be available to share in your customer site or not.

The code snippet will appear within the options of your sharing button, along with other social media sharing options:

Embeddable VOD code snippet

If you want to disable this option you can do it unchecking Iframe checkbox in Settings > Identity > Social media > Share on

Disable embeddable player on customer site

Last update: 2023-02-06