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Online Video Platform

The online video platform lets you create an online video channel in minutes. When you get an account, you get a native website where you can organize, publish, and hide the content you desire. You can personalize the website with fonts, colors, and other branding elements, to make it consistent with your brand. You can also embed video content on other platforms.

Types of content

Our online video platform allows you to manage all of your video content. We support these three different types - Video On Demand (VOD, we call them "Videos" in our platform), LIVE, and LINEAR streams.

Videos on demand (VOD)

Videos on demand allow viewers to access video entertainment without any constraints. Videos on demand can be played from the beginning and replayed as many times as your viewers want. You can publish and hide them anytime. When a video is in a published state, it is available for search, and viewers can find it and watch it. When it is hidden, it is not searchable, but can be included in a linear stream. More details here-->


LIVE videos are simultaneously recorded and broadcasted in realtime. They are usually archived and stay available for later searches. Live broadcasts have a starting and ending time, and in the end, they convert to a video on demand. More details here-->


LINEAR is a realtime stream that can include both video types - videos on demand and LIVE. It has a starting and ending time. You can create as many linear streams as you want. You can also include hidden videos on demand at a specific moment. More details here-->


You also have a library of images from which you can set up an image cover for all four types of content. Alpha transparent layers and gifs are supported. More details here-->


You can also create text pages and event type pages. Simple text pages are the option for any static information page, for example: About us, Legal Information, Privacy Policy, etc.. Event type pages are perfect for announcing live broadcasts. They are organized automatically as Upcoming and Past events, depending on the publishing date. More details here-->

Last update: 2023-02-06