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Online Video Platform

This data is given as reference and may differ from billing data. Mid-gress traffic is included in this data whenever applicable.


The Main OVP Analytics screen is built by two main sections

  1. Video Specific Information
  2. World Map

They are interchangeable by 'Drag & Drop'.

OVP Totals

Video Specific Information

Total Plays

In the totals screen, you can see the total of plays for all of your videos, combined: videos on demand, linears and lives.


A detailed list by video showing the three most important visibility factors - Plays, Browsers, and Operating Systems.

  • Channel ID is the name of the video

  • stream uri is the master.m3u8 specific link to the video

The table has three different categories:

  1. ALL
  2. LIVE
  3. VOD


The charts are relative to the selected item on the table.

You can expand the charts to see more detail.

OVP Expand Charts

World Map

The second section is the World Heat Map. You can see global information on plays and where your audience is in the world.

OVP Totals

You can select a different time span, specific to this section. To the right of the map, there is more detailed information that may be of interest.

Last update: 2023-02-06