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You can select three different styles for you header, and also display or hide any of the four basic elements.

Header configuration

  1. Top-left
  2. Top-center
  3. Vertical-left

You can see a preview for each one of them below.


This is the default and most common header on the internet.

It starts with the channel's logo at the top left corner of the page, following up, comes the main navigation (header) menu, and at the top right corner a list of social media links and a search widget will appear.

Top left option


This header centers the channels logo and positions the rest of the elements around that. It is double the height of the first header type.

The Channel's Logo will be placed top-center, social media links block appears top-left and the search widget appears top-right. At the second row, your main (header) navigation menu will appear.

This distribution is perfect for content rich channels with long navigations.

Top center option


This header is actually a left column that contains all of the elements from the other two styles. Its order is the following (from top to bottom):

  1. Channel's logo
  2. Main Navigation Menu
  3. Social Media links

And on the top right corner appears the Search widget.

Top center option