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To be able to set it up from the OVP, go to SETTINGS --> TEMPLATES --> HOME

The main structure of the home page consists of main player section, rows with videos, and advertisements.

Main Player SECTION

OVP Settings


OVP Main Player settings

  1. Play Icon color - sets the color of the play icon for all the rows, and all the pages where it is shown.
  2. Main Player type
    • Top Left - main player to the left, and a column of videos to the right.
    • Top Center - main player in the center of your page.
  3. In the last column you can select what type of content to include to the right of the player
    • Category - shows the last 6 videos for a concrete Category.
    • Latest videos - the 6 most recent videos uploaded to your OVP.
    • Most Viewed - those are the 6 most viewed items, according to your channel's analytics.
    • Playlist - Now playing videos and what's coming next
    • Tag - The last 6 elements for a Specific Tag

Website result

Main Player Top Left with a Playlist to the right over Light background.

Website Main Player



OVP Home template Row create


Select how many videos you want to display.

Maximum number of elements per row

By default, this number is set to 3X what you have previously selected.

  • If you have selected Two columns you will have 6 elements in a horizontal carousel.
  • If you have selected Six Columns you will have 18 elements in a horizontal carousel.

Types of content

Here you select the type of content you want to include in the row.

  • Advertisement - this feature is designed for rectangular advertisements that are included in your content
  • Category - select any category of videos you have
  • Latest Videos
  • Most Viewed
  • Tag
  • Video
Included elements

When all elements are included, this is the result in your website:

website video element-Left

  • Featured Image
  • Date and Duration
  • Title
  • Play Icon

You can include and exclude any of those four elements for each new row you create.

Column Gap size

Select from the 5 different sizes available, from XS to XL.

Include advertisement as the last row element. - This action can be turned on and off and it is designed for square iframe advertisements.

Website result

website video rows

Settings for First Row

  1. 6 Columns
  2. Max Number of elements per row - 8
  3. Type of content - Latest videos
  4. Included Elements - ALL
  5. Column Gap size - XL
  6. Advertisement - OFF

Settings for the Second Row:

  1. 3 Columns
  2. Max Number of elements per row - 3
  3. Type of content - Latest videos
  4. Included Elements - ALL
  5. Column Gap size - XS
  6. Advertisement - OFF