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Site identity

You can personalize your website with your main brand elements. Everything you change in this section is applied directly to your website.

Recommendation open the OVP in one tab and your website in another. Every time you save changes, refresh your website (press f5) to see them applied.

To apply any change, go to the left menu


To be able to switch through Light and Dark Mode seamlessly, you will need to add your logo in light and dark versions. We recommend adding transparent background images. Horizontallly oriented rectangle and square formats will look good in your header.

Your Logos

Add favicon

To personalize the favicon of your web you need to add a square image (recommended size: 260px X 260px). Feel free to include images with transparent backgrounds in png format.

Your channel favicon

Choose font

You can set a different default font by selecting one from our list.

Your channel favicon

Set up a default image

Each content type falls out to a default channel image. To be able to avoid showing broken and missing images we have set up a default brand image of System73. You can change that in the following field.


feel free to use either a .gif or transparent background .png

You can change your default site image here:

Light/Dark Mode switch

Choose light or dark mode

You can switch on and off Dark mode, whenever you want. In the preview window you can see the contrast for the selected colors. Use the following switch:

Light/Dark Mode switch