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Menus can be placed on several places across the website, like the website header, or each one of the columns of the website's footer.

Content for your navigation

Each menu can contain links to different content sections:

The Online Video Platform provides a set of predefined content links

  1. Home page - This is usually the landing page of your site. More information on how to configure the content shown can be found in the templates section.
  2. Videos - This entry links you to the main videos gallery. It shows your content organized by category. You can find more information on the categories shown in this section in Videos section.
  3. Contact page - It links you to the Contact Us form. This form allows you to receive feedback from your users by email. For more information refer to the Identity section.
  4. LIVE - If you produce content on one or more live channels you can use this view.
  5. Events - A link to the root events page. For more information on how to manage events refer to the Events section


This link will get you to a custom page or event-type page. It allows you to customize the content and navigation of your site, for those cases not regarding live or video on demand content. For these cases you can use one of the multiple options provided by the platform, and described below.


You can link to a page showing content associated with a specific category. You can choose one or more categories from the dropdown menu or search for a particular category by typing in the input.

If you choose more than one category you will create as many menu entries as categories you have chosen.

Category groups

This option links you to a category group page. The destination page shows videos of all categories associated with this particular category group.


This option links to a page containing videos related to a certain tag.

These can be any type of a link, an internal or external URL. All of them are set to open in a new tab.

Sample menu

Attach content

You can choose more than one menu link at a time, or add them in consecutive selections:

Menu selection

Additional settings

With the Menu order options you can sort items inside the menu, or change the label of some of the items on your menu. For example you can change the link to your videos gallery from Videos to Gallery or whatever you'd like.

Change menu items label

If you associate your menu with the header, the resulting menu will look like the one below.

There is more information about styling and positioning of the menus, visit Header section.

Resulting menu

Last update: 2023-02-06