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Edge Analytics API

The brand new API is designed to expose Edge Intelligence metrics leveraging on the new capabilities of Edge Analytics.


  • Ability to fetch metrics in custom intervals of time.
  • Versioned API endpoints.
  • Endpoint for custom queries to allow for tailored SQL queries.


The Swagger UI is available at where you can get the API reference (OpenAPI spec) or interact with the API endpoints.

Legacy endpoints

The new API is bundled with a subset of the Legacy Stats API endpoints. These endpoints keep the same interface in order to facilitate the transition of the Legacy Stats API current users. The legacy endpoints are grouped under the base path legacy/stats/.


The Edge Analytics API subset of legacy endpoints will also be subject to a deprecation schedule. We will communicate the deprecation schedule making sure we provide you with enough time to perform the migration to the new endpoints.


Current users of the Legacy Stats API can easily migrate to the Edge Analytics API subset of legacy endpoints with minimal effort:

  1. Replace the legacy API base path https://<region> with

  2. Fetch the new credentials (API key) of the Edge Analytics API as described here.

  3. Add the Bearer word into the Authorization header along with the new credential:


    Authorization: <old_api_key>


    Authorization: Bearer <new_api_key>

This section was last updated 2024-07-16