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Edge Intelligence

System73 SDK

Efficiency in LIVE Video Delivery

Content delivery over the public internet is a very challenging task, particularly for very large OTT (Over the Top) streaming events.

Unicast client server architectures require significant network resources. Traditional solutions deploy always increasing numbers of servers (i.e., hardware), but they fail when attacking the fundamental problem of router congestion, as described in System73's study published at the: IEEE Xplore Digital Library.

On the other hand, a controlled P2P (Peer to Peer) overlay network built by System73 Edge Intelligence SDK solves the problem by:

  1. Building a P2P overlay network, on the application layer, where the content is distributed in a tree fashion, pushed from the root to leaf nodes utilizing WebRTC for P2P real-time communication.

  2. Manages the efficient construction of the tree through a centralized infrastructure employing AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) techniques to provide continuously the optimal network topology and avoid congestion:

The Tree

The solution is cloud based and dynamically scales to the needs of the network to harmonize performance with operational expenses.

The Architecture


The System73 SDK consists of software components operating at various locations in the network. System73 software is located on the content provider's web site and the end the user's content viewing device (Laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.) combined with a cloud based management system.

The following displays the major components of the service:

System Components

Viewers' interactions are driven by System73 SDKs.

Application developers' environment

Developing applications using Our SDKs will require access to the System73's cloud infrastructure. Anyone interested in such integration should contact us through:

This section was last updated 2024-07-16